Literary Analysis of Short Story

hello class your next essay is literary analysis of short story your rough draft due date is Wednesday October 31st and rough draft due date November 1st Thursday but on Thursday November 1st is the only time I want you to email me your rough draft and the completed peer review that your partner completed over your own essay so you do not have to send me anything on Wednesday October 31st your final due date is November Friday November 2nd by 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time no late work it’s accepted no exceptions length is nine hundred to a thousand words eleven and twelve point font Times New Roman double-spaced MLA format the directions are to choose a short story from the sections below here the section selections you will need to explore analyze and evaluate your chosen short story the short stories I’ve given you a Charlotte Perkins Gilman the Yellow Wallpaper Alice Walker’s everyday use Ambrose Bierce and occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Zora Neale Hurston sweat in Joyce Carol Oates where are you going where have you been if you notice I gave you a link to every single website that you can find or to a website that you can find a short story in so all you have to do is click on it to read the short story reminders you need a works cited page refer to your dynamic argument text book for literary devices to analyze read your short story critically analyze question infer interpret and evaluate don’t forget you need to use MLA format do not forget to upload your final paper to safeassign by 11:59 p.m. since you’re staying tied by Friday November 2nd do not use first or second person if you use first a second person you will earn an automatic 50 do not use contractions and do not write a book report so the literary analysis short story is very similar to the literary analysis of poetry however the short story deals with different literary devices there will be some common ground literary devices that go with both poetry and short story but you are concentrating on the ones that deal with short story only and please refer to your textbook dynamic argument in the section fiction is you know what it’s listed as under the literary analysis chapter and that is in your textbook chapter 11 literary arguments within chapter 11 find the little section after poetry that says fiction so with your literary novels short story again any short story that you are doing you need to make sure that you include the title the short story and if you notice on the short stories on all of them I put them in quotation marks they all go in quotation marks do not italicize the short story so the first sentence should give the title and the author for instance in her short story where are you going where have you been author Joyce Carol Oates not only delves into the precarious world of teenage sexuality but also surveys the vulnerability of the female psyche this is the kind of collegiate writing I am looking for I do not want Joyce Carol Oates gives a great story you need to really use critical thinking and critical reading with these short stories your claim statement is the last sentence of your introduction paragraph so it says filled with strong themes of sexuality Oates explores both the duality of human nature and the ultimate corruption of innocence so what is her main literary term that this writer is using is theme that is her big main literary device but she will be still talking about other literary devices in her paper and I’ll show you for instance the story setting although also covers a full spectrum so her literary term that she is using and it needs to be mentioned in your topic set topic sentence is setting however she uses imagery to help support the setting topic sentence for the next one is the theme the topic sentence is allegory so again in each topic sentence you should be analyzing the specific literary devices that help or not help the short story convey the message that the author wanted to convey so focus on that and do not focus with the entire message of the story you’re supposed to be focusing on what how the literary devices help or hurt the message of the short story so for your or excited page do not forget you need to have your lead-in and if your lead-in is a complete sentence then you can put a colon sorry a colon if your sentence is a complete sentence put a colon and then quote and then the last name of the of the author and it’s not the last name of whoever is talking it’s always the last name of the writer if the short story has a page number please put the page number if it does not have a page number do not put the page number again and if your sentence you’re leading is not a complete sentence put a comma direct quote and then last name of the author and page number if it if it has it if it doesn’t have it no page number with this example with this example that I’m showing you they had more sources because the paper was 2,500 to 3,000 words yours is not that long so I’m still keeping it to one source so going with one source will be on the the MLA lecture also there was um if you want to send me your rough draft so I can review it you can send it to me no later than Monday October 29th by noon o’clock twelve o’clock Central Standard Time so again if you want to send your rough draft to me send it no later than twelve o’clock Central Standard Time that’s noon Monday October 29th thank you and make sure you listen to the lecture on MLA format

APA paper format

today I’m going to talk you through how to write an APA paper APA only refers to the format of the paper not to the content so I want to show you what it should look like the paper I’m using belongs to Logan Lemire and was written for business communication in the spring of 2015 so here we go this is the title page and I’m going to try to point out the things in this paper that students often make mistakes with okay the first is noticed that on the title page it should actually say running head : but the running head words should be in lowercase then in all caps a shortened version of the papers title should follow now if the title is really really short you might get away with using the actual title here but if the title is longer then this should not be really long it should not stretch across the top of this page I notice the page number follows in the top right also okay in the very center of the page this information will be displayed the name of the paper your name LaGrange College and the date now true APA does not call for a date but all business communications should have a date page two of the paper is the abstract but notice first how the running had changes there is no running head : from pages to forward throughout the rest of the paper but the shortened version of the paper title is repeated and it continues to be in all caps page 2 is on the right the word abstract should be typed in the middle and it should not be bolded there is no indent on the abstract it should be probably 2/3 of a page or less and it is an executive summary of the papers contents so this should include all of the major points you plan to make in the paper on page 3 the actual paper begins the running head continues the title of the paper is repeated here notice there’s no heading right here but just the title of the paper this first paragraph or paragraphs will actually introduce the topic that’s going to be discussed in the paper the first section of the paper has a heading which is bolded and centered each section of the paper can have multiple paragraphs when a new section of the paper arrives once again you type a heading centered and bold it now this particular heading and the one above it our first level headings what I’m about to show you now on page 4 is actually how a second level heading would look so if under this heading factors of employment there are some subheadings those are called level 2 headings level two headings look like this they are bolded on the left-hand margin so you can see this is a first level and then this is a second level that goes under the first level in order to have a second level you have must have at least two so if you’ll notice as I go down this paper there is another second level heading under that first level heading page 5 of the paper continues with more 2nd level headings and then we move to another first level so we change topics and we move to a first level heading again this particular first level heading has two second level headings underneath it this one notice first level centered and bold it second level on the left-hand margin and bolded there’s the second second level heading under that first level heading go to another first level heading and then the last page of the text of the paper there is a heading labeled conclusion and it is bolded notice there was not a section header that said introduction we do not place a header with introduction it’s just understood that the first paragraph or paragraphs are the introduction so the paper concludes and then we have the reference page notice that the title references is not bolded it’s not a section header so it does not need to be bolded notice that each entry begins on the left-hand margin and if that entry runs over to a second line then the second line of each entry is indented notice also that reference pages are listed in alphabetical order so I’m going to move this up so you can see a little better if you have an article like a and and B that’s not counted in the alphabetizing so we are alphabetizing by the first major word which in this case is civil so this is a C Goldberg Hubbard this is an article L another P you and Z now we have two types of entries here this one is an author so we want the author’s last name and his or her first initial if they publish under two names then you also use the second names initial okay notice Hubbard he only publishes under one name and so his first name starts with a G and so there is a G here the second thing in the entry should be the date of publication so that would be second the third would be the title if a particular article you are using does not have an author then you will list it by the name of the article like this one link between benefits and the urgency of job-seeking so this is the name of the article no author was on it you must make sure that every entry you have includes where it came from for example this one says dollars and cents that’s where it came from this one says Wall Street Journal that’s where it came from you do not simply list the URL that is not sufficient here’s one International Journal of Business and Economics okay all of these strong sources so this was a good job and that’s what an APA paper should look like

The only Article Rewriter that rewrite contents from 15 languages

hello everyone I will come again to similar content today we will be talking about the fifth stool in similar content which is content or rather within similar content we have around 15 languages supported by the tool and this what makes similar content distinguished from the other tools actually because we are the only one who provides more than 50 languages like similar content and we support Arabic and April and other languages so right now for example you would like to make a little list so let’s search in Arabic choose Arabic and once you choose Arabic you need just to go to topic difficulty in the languages that were right from the right side you need to go to topic difficulty and then activate the RTL mode right now it’s not activated so I press an activation and then go to content rewriter again so right now let’s get a test or let’s get a text — you know rewrite it go to Wikipedia and then get this takes for example to search about to get this text for example to rewrite it go to similar content and paste so one of the most important one of the most important things while you are using content rewriter that you need to make sure that you each and every passage of the article each passage contains of 100 words each passage contains of 100 words and each passage ends with a false top like this one and then press rewrite right now it’s analyzing the text sentence six to eight and so on so right now it gives me the here in the right side I have the outcome here I have the income so this is the outcome the result right now for example let’s get this phrase it says okay ten meters smear to load the sigma3 is so so and so on so here we got another per phrasing which is where you sent me Lotus in Missouri limbic O’Neal so sometimes the human part is essential and such stuff like in rewriting the text and so on so you need to make like a little bit review and then the mistakes will be less than the other websites as well so this is the outcome of rewriting in Arabic and for you to know we have here this sign here I can put any word I don’t wanna the rewriting to be done in such word for example I will write a little Lotus and then press comma space almost three I don’t want to change those words in rewriting I want to keep it like it and then that i press this those two words here that means it will not be changed during the rewriting issue so let’s get another text in English it’s here English reduce okay you’d like to get like a small text or a text to rewrite it so let’s get in text to write okay so for example I’ll copy this text and I’ll post it here but you need to for example right now I’m writing from the right side and this is an English language so I just need to go to topic difficulty again and to turn off the RTL and go to the content rewriter again and press paste so I need to make sure that each message contains of 100 words not more than 100 words in order to be having the effectiveness of the content rewriter and attend this with a photo stop so right now I just need to press rewrite and as we said before I can post here any words that I don’t wanna you know I don’t want to change it in the rewriting process and I’ll press like rewrite it gives me here that it’s analyzing rewriting four sentences five sentences and so on and this is the final result choice for me here the final result and in this part by the way you can edit as we mentioned in the previous text so right now as we said you need to make a little bit review of your text to re-edit and remus frequently correct the other mistakes or some mistakes that the rewriting process will be done during that so this for example search about review the text it’s just me the good the bad the good the bad and the stickers just here good bad and sticker so right now for example was plural and here it’s singular so I’ll add the S for example and so on so we just make like the you know review regarding your text in order to recorrect it and then copy it and after you copy that you go to content optimizer to optimize or to get a well optimized text or content so let’s try another example so copy that and then go to content optimizer paste it here I can for example posted here I for example I don’t wanna this were to be changed so I just press on it and then I post it here and then press rewrite so right now it gives me the final result or the outcome for rewriting just me want to know more about yourself instead of about you that’s good so trust me that every second person on the planet is this and so on so so every one on earth so actually the mistakes you know you really find some mistakes in your text during the analysis or the rewriting process so right now that’s exactly what their continuity writer is doing it helps you to have a unique and will optimize text throw using this tool and this tool which is a content of two minds where you’ll be having a very well optimized and unique text and exclusive one-hour your filter ISM issues so you will be having also more than 50 languages supported to rewrite the content using the similar content content rewriter we are done for today and thank you so much